Theology of Ecology

I really urge y’all to read this piece by Matt Krick:

Personally I don’t like travelling from one site to another to read something, but I’m too tired and lazy tonight to reformat the piece to make it look right on here.

But this is a really fine summary of the importance of Creation Care.  If you read it, let me know what you think of it.

Love Wins


One comment on “Theology of Ecology

  1. Rachel says:

    Fabulous article! I especially like these statements:

    “God has empowered us to be care-takers, earth-keepers, co-creators and cultivators.”

    “The call on the Church is to join God in the restoration of all creation. This begins when we let go of our consumeristic ideals and greed and leads us to become a people of hope who tread lightly on God’s good earth.”

    “The Bible spends very little time talking about heaven as it is now. It spends more time talking about a restored creation and the way things will and ought to be. We as humans are always trying to go up and get to God and into heaven, but God is always about coming down to us, bringing heaven to earth.”

    “When we do not care for the earth, we are depriving ourselves of something we were created for. This should not be a burden but rather a gift. God has given this gift of earth-keeping to all humans, and he is calling the Church to live this out in beautiful and imaginative ways by the power of the risen Christ in us. May we be a people of humility who pray and seek God’s face, and may he heal us and the land.”

    Now this is Realized Eschatology! We have the book “Surprised by Hope” by NT Wright and even just at a cursory glance I am having to rethink what I’ve always understood to be true about heaven/hell/earth (Dante really screwed us over on those). This article you shared really “resonates” with my soul, thanks!


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