Fall plantings


I love the ebb and flow of seasons on a farm.  And as summer gives way to fall, our hot weather gardens yield to the cool weather crops.

It’s been a tough summer on the farm in some ways.  Some things just didn’t produce well, and I’m not quite sure why.

But as I see a garden rich in mustard greens, and as I see huge broccoli heads forming, and as I see more kale than we could possibly eat, my pitiful little tomatoes just don’t seem to matter so much any more. 

Love Wins



Songs of Hope

Early this summer I was stuck in Tampa for the weekend, so I visited Relevant Church–a great church in Ybor City that is hip and, well, relevant.  The praise band blasted out a powerful song that I’d never heard before.  I eventually learned that it was “Rise” by the Robbie Seay Band.  I really liked the song, so I downloaded it to my ipod and listened to it a lot.

Fast forward a few weeks.  Cherie and I, along with 3 others, are in Santiago, Dominican Republic, prevented from making our planned trip into Haiti by rioting which had resulted in the closing of the border.  The preliminary information we had led us to conclude that the missionaries and kids we were going to visit were in danger, and that we might be too if we went ahead.  We gathered in one of our hotel rooms to pray and the lyrics from that song kept rattling around in my head, “Rise, rise.  People of love, rise.  Give yourself away.”  The line that kept coming to mind the most was, “We’re not safe, but we will rise.”

Fast forward a few more weeks.  I was searching for something on youtube, and I searched the term “Love Wins.”  I discovered that Robbie Seay had a great song with that title.  So I bought the CD.

From the CD liner notes I discovered that Robbie Seay has a heart for mission.  I felt that there was some connection between his music and what was going on in my heart.

So I emailed his manager to see if he was going to be on the road this fall.  It turned out that he had November 5 available.

Thinking about whether to try to book a show at our church, I learned that Robbie’s brother Chris Seay is the lead pastor at Ecclesia Church in Houston, and is one of the creators of the Advent Conspiracy.  It just so happened that our church is planning to participate in that this year, launching it around the beginning of November.

That sealed it.  I got our pastor’s permission, then booked the show for November 5.

Then we decided to make it a benefit concert for Danita’s Children.  Only later did we learn that November 8 is international Orphan Awareness Day.  http://www.orphansunday.org/

I believe God’s favor is on this event, in some way.

I just hope we pack the house.

If any of you are in the Danville area, or just want to join us for a great event and a great cause, we’d love to see you.

Love Wins


There are 7.3 million Americans in some kind of governmental corrections program.  That is not a typo.

That’s one out of every 31 of us.  In fact, one out of every 100 Americans is incarcerated as I type this. 

The United States has 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prison population.

We spend over $60 billion each year building new prisons and maintaining the existing ones.

Tom Teepen of the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes:

To believe this is necessary, you have to believe that Americans are just, hands down, the worst people on Earth.  Prison populations have continued to climb even as crime has been going down.  One big factor has been the increased legislative resort to longer sentences for fad crimes, especially nonviolent ones like drug use or minor dealing.  No legislator has ever lost re-election for sending more people to prison for longer periods.

Heaven help us.

Love Wins

Landscaping Chickens


We’ve got grass growing all over our farm, in places where we’d prefer it not.  Grass seems to flourish, for example, in my gardens, along our fence lines, in our roads and in our driveway.

But it seems to just not want to grow in the one place we’d like it to–our yard.

Two years ago I got so frustrated that I rototilled the entire back yard and reseeded it all.  But it came back pretty much the same way it had been before. 

Last year I seeded it all again in the Fall.  Same result.

So this year we had a professional landscaper come and give us an estimate to re-do the whole thing.  I choked on his price, and stubbornly decided to try again.

So I sowed seed in the bald spots and covered them with wheat straw.

As the photo above shows, our chickens then descended, scratching away the straw and eating the grass seed. 


Love Wins