I’d never grown any before.  We ate a lot of greens when I was growing up (which we called sallet) but they were always turnip greens.

But Cherie loves kale and she asked me to grow some.  So in September I planted some after I tilled under some of our hot weather crops.  The seed is tiny like turnips and mustard, and sells for a dollar an ounce at Southern States.  I bought an ounce, planted a row with my Earthway seeder, and I broadcast the rest.

It all came up well, with minimal pest damage (much like turnips and mustard greens do).  I thinned it out to about one plant per foot, and it grew very well.

I kept asking Cherie if she wanted me to pick it yet.  I keep her overloaded with vegetables to freeze or prepare, and she sometimes groans when I bring things in from the gardens.  So I didn’t press, but I was anxious to have her try it out. 

Last week she gave me the green light to bring some in.  I picked it like I would mustards, breaking the biggest leaves from the outside of the plant.  Cherie made a soup with it, and said it came out very well.

From what I’ve read, kale improves after a frost and is cold tolerant enough to make it through the entire winter sometimes.   So I’m hoping we’ll be enjoying this for a while.

Love Wins

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