Landscaping Chickens


We’ve got grass growing all over our farm, in places where we’d prefer it not.  Grass seems to flourish, for example, in my gardens, along our fence lines, in our roads and in our driveway.

But it seems to just not want to grow in the one place we’d like it to–our yard.

Two years ago I got so frustrated that I rototilled the entire back yard and reseeded it all.  But it came back pretty much the same way it had been before. 

Last year I seeded it all again in the Fall.  Same result.

So this year we had a professional landscaper come and give us an estimate to re-do the whole thing.  I choked on his price, and stubbornly decided to try again.

So I sowed seed in the bald spots and covered them with wheat straw.

As the photo above shows, our chickens then descended, scratching away the straw and eating the grass seed. 


Love Wins