What an awesome kid. Michelson likes to be called Michael. He love speaking English, and he’s very good at it.

Michael told me that he likes fixing radios. In this photo he’s holding a little transistor radio like the one I had when I was a kid. I haven’t seen one like it in many years. It required two AAA batteries, but he only had one. So he’d taken a C battery and learned to wedge it in with the AAA, so that if he held the radio just right, it would play. He was delighted to show me how he can find stations in English, Spanish, French and Kreyol.

I loved the time I spent talking to Michael. He loves to draw, and is an excellent young artist. Just a superb kid in all respects.

One day near the end of our stay Michael told me that he’d like to visit America some day. “Why?,” I asked him. “Because every thing there seems really nice,” he answered. He paused, then added, “They have big buildings there.”

I laughed and said that some parts of America do, and others don’t.

Then he said, “They would like me in America.”

“Why do you think that?”, I asked.

He quickly responded, “Because I am Haitian. There are not many Haitian people there, so the Americans would like to get to know me.”

I felt a little stab in my heart, glad that Michael didn’t know how sadly untrue that can often be.

Love Wins