Pastor Daniel

I’ve written about Pastor Daniel Paul’s orphanage in Ouanaminthe before, but today I felt like returning to that subject for a moment.  Pastor Daniel runs an orphanage for girls and a school.  Having been trained in agronomy before going to seminary, Pastor Daniel understands and practices sustainable agriculture.  He is producing an abundance of food in his gardens, while surrounded by land that is unproductive and desolate.

The photo above is of Pastor Daniel and his wife, along with two American missionaries, Emily and Mimi.  Emily and Mimi spent their summer working at the orphanage.  They were a blessing to those kids, and they continue to advocate for them, now that they’ve returned to the States.

A few weeks ago Emily posted on her facebook page that she’d just heard from Pastor Daniel that many of the kids who attend his school had no money and no sponsorships this year, and might have to be turned away.  Emily urged people to sponsor the kids, and I believe her actions enabled many of those kids to get the support they needed.

It costs $20 a month to sponsor a child at Pastor Daniel’s school.  That is $240 a year to educate and feed a child.  It is sad that in all of our abundance, there are kids who won’t get that education and that meal, for want of $20 a month.

There is certainly no shortage of worthy causes, and there is obviously a limit to what those of us who care can do.  But if you know someone who might be looking for a worthwhile cause to support, you won’t go wrong if you refer them to Pastor Daniel’s orphange.

Consider this specific example of the kind of saving work that he is doing:

Love Wins