I enjoy writing about the awesome folks we met in Haiti.   One of those folks was Jude.

I’d known him a couple of days before I realized his name was Jude.  The French/Kreyol pronunciation of his name is something virtually unpronounceable in English, sorta like “Schud.”  Of course, once I found out his name was spelled “Jude,” I couldn’t resist saying “Hey Jude” everytime I ran into him. 

Jude works for the missionaries at Danita’s Children, frequently crossing the border into the D.R. for supplies, and usually bringing them back by wheelbarrow.  He is a hardworking young man in a country where unemployment is so high that they don’t even bother trying to compute it.

Meeting folks like Jude changed my impression of Haiti.  I’m confident that there are thousands of young men in Ouanaminthe who, if given the opportunity, would be as industrious as Jude.  With some opportunity to work and build decent lives, young people like Jude could begin transforming that miserable impoverished place into the place it is meant to be.

May the small steps being taken there now, grow larger and larger.  As the song says, If we’ve got to start somewhere, why not here?  If we’ve got to start sometime, why not now?

Love Wins