Pakistani Christians

In Pakistan, “blasphemy” and “apostasy” are punishable by death.  Christians found guilty of blasphemy have been executed, although in at least two recent instances, international outrage has prevented the exectutions from being carried out.

Sometimes mobs don’t bother with blasphemy trials.  Last month in Gojra, in the Pakistani state of Punjab, three Christians were accused of blaspheming the Q’uran at a wedding ceremony.   Even though later inquiries showed the allegations to be false, official charges were registered.  But before any arrest could be made, a mob attacked the Christian community, burning about 40 homes and a church, and killing seven people, including a 7 year old child.

There have been many instances of violent persecution of Pakistani Christians over the past few years.  Largely because of that, Minority Rights Group International has ranked Pakistan as the seventh most dangerous country in the world for minorities, trailing only Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Burma and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since 2002 the U.S. taxpayers have provided over $15 billion in aid to Pakistan, 2/3 of which was directed to the Pakistani military.

How should we feel about that?

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