Robenson was one of Danita’s original children.  Now he’s a fine young man, ready to launch into the world.  What might Robenson’s life as an orphan in Ouanaminthe Haiti have been like, if Danita had not taken him in?

It is very likely that he would not be alive today.  But had he somehow managed to find enough to eat to keep him alive for the past ten years, he almost certainly would be malnourished, unhealthy, uneducated and unloved.  In order to stay alive, very possibly he might have slipped into a life of crime.

Last year Robenson was visiting the kids at Pastor Altiez’ orphanage and he feel seriously ill after eating something there.  Barely alive, Danita rushed him to the hospital in Santo Domingo, where he clung to life for a few days.  With intensive medical attention, and lots of prayer, Robenson recovered.  Danita told us that the experience was one of the things that caused her to go forward with her plans for a medical clinic.  Because she had the ability to take Robenson across the border, and because she had the money to pay for his care, he lived.  For almost every other kid in Ouanaminthe, the outcome would have been different.

Robenson is a living example of the work of Danita’s Children.

Love Wins