That’s Tierry in the white shirt, in the lower right hand corner of the picture.  I’m disappointed that I don’t have a better photo of this remarkable child.

Thierry likes to be called “Jerry.”  He was one of the boys whose heartfelt worship during their bedtime devotions was so stirring to our group.  I was amazed at how such a young boy could be playing and goofing off one minute, then so deep in reverent worship the next.  I still am.

No one knows Thierry’s birthday, or even how old he is.  A Ouanaminthe policeman found him half-naked, abandoned and wandering the streets of Port au Prince about five years ago.  Thierry was about six years old at the time.  Had he not been rescued, he likely would have wound up another victim of the Port au Prince child sex trade.

The policeman brought the boy to his home in Ouanaminthe.  But unfortunately his wife didn’t want Thierry.  So while her husband was away, she beat and abused him.

In desperation Thierry ran away, and was picked up on the streets by a U.N. patrol.  When they asked him where he lived, Thierry pointed to Danita’s orphanage.

In the middle of the night the U.N. troops began banging on the gate at Danita’s house.  Through the door, she asked what they wanted.  “We have one of your kids,” someone replied.  “You don’t have one of my kids,” Danita insisted, knowing that she was always careful to see that all the kids were safe inside before dark.  The U.N. troops persisted, “But he says he lives here.” 

At the time, Danita’s boys all wore blue shorts and red shirts to bed (if I remember that correctly), so she asked them what the boy was wearing.  “Blue shorts and a red shirt,” someone answered.

At that Danita bolted outside, alarmed that one of her boys had somehow gone outside at night.

What she found was Thierry, who amazingly was wearing the same colored clothes her boys wore, and who, even though he’d never been there, had led the U.N. troops to Danita’s home.

She took him in for the night, intending to figure out the situation the next day.  When she discovered the details of his story, she took Thierry in.  And now, at about age 11, he is one awesome kid.

Love Wins