The women who run the Hope for Haiti Children’s Center are heroes.  Instead of living spoiled American lives like most of us, they have chosen to devote themselves to loving and caring for orphans, in an ugly and uncomfortable place.

Someday I’ll write more about each of them separately.  But collectively Danita, Brenda, Karris, Joanne and Brittany were among the most remarkable people I’ve ever met in my life.  After being around them a while, it’s impossible not to feel deficient.  Their confidence, courage, poise, compassion, devotion and faith was inspirational, and convicting.

Danita’s Children has the highest rating from the Charity Navigator, in part because it keeps overhead and expenses low, freeing almost every dollar donated to go directly to caring for the kids. The missionaries in Haiti are required to raise their own support.  Gifts to support them can be made directly through the website  www.danitaschildren.org.  Doing so would be a great investment.

Love Wins