Wax moths

Last weekend I looked in on my bees, and found this.

The hive that we rescued from the walls of the old house on our farm, which has been healthy and thriving since I was a little boy, is now gone–completely destoyed by wax moths.

A better beekeeper might have seen this coming.  I knew that the hive split earlier this spring, but had no idea that it had been so weakened that it was vulnerable to wax moths.  Wax moth catepillars can quickly destroy the comb if the hive isn’t strong enough to seal them off or kill them. 

The good news is that they don’t kill the bees.  Once the bees realized that they couldn’t prevent the destruction of the comb, they abandoned it.  So they’ll still be around pollinating our gardens, but I won’t be harvesting any honey from them anymore.

I still have another hive, and with luck I’ll capture more.

But for the second year in a row, we won’t have much honey this year.

From better days, here is what the now-lost hive gave us.

Love Wins