There are an estimated 300,000 Haitian children living in slavery.

There are thousands of Haitian orphans who end up victims of sexual exploitation.

One out of every eight Haitian children dies in infancy.  Thousands of Haitian children die every year of malnutrition, a lack of safe drinking water, and a lack of basic medical care.

There are thousands and thousands of Haitian children who don’t know the love of a parent, and never will.  Fifteen percent of all Haitian children end up orphaned or abandoned.

Meanwhile, there are over two million American couples who desperately want to adopt a child.  Many would gladly and lovingly receive these innocent suffering children, and provide them with the love and care they so desperately need.

Yet despite the fact that Haiti is filled with children who are enslaved, brutalized, abandoned and neglected, only 301 were adopted into the U.S. in last year. 

The so-called government of Haiti is so corrupt and incompetent, that the process of adopting these kids takes years and can cost up to $25,000, making it impossible for many loving American middle class families to do it. 

Children are dying while tangled in this red tape.  They are suffering while corrupt bureaucrats use them to fill their pockets and feed their greed.

This cannot stand. 

We must all rise up and demand that our government simplify the process of Haitian adoption, and reduce the cost of it.  Whatever red tape is on the American end must go away. 

But most of the problem is on the Haitian end.  Our government transfers millions of our tax dollars every year to its corrupt Haitian counterpart, where it is largely wasted and misused.  That too should end, but I realize it is unlikely to ever happen.  But if the bureaucrats are going to tax us to fund Haitian incompetence and greed, we should demand something in return.  Our government should make aid to the Haitian government conditioned upon reforming the Haitian adoption process.  We should tell Haiti immediately that we will no longer feed its government coffers while American families are gouged, cheated and stalled when they try to save the lives of these children.

I am hoping to see legislation introduced soon to this effect.  As this process advances I will post about it.

And count on the body to make the message go viral.

Love Wins


3 comments on “Stand

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m in agreeance with this!!! Jeremy and I looked into adopting a little boy from Haiti a few years ago but were so discouraged by the ridiculous process and in the end there was just no way to afford it. Great post Bill!


  2. Carrie Steil says:

    I am praying there is a change soon. I feel like our next child is there. Thank you for doing all you are to get our child to us! 🙂


  3. M.S. says:

    Bill, I am in complete agreement with you that the situation needs immediate review. Unfortunately, the powers that be in Haiti do not seem to fully understand the process themselves. Over worked and underpaid clerks are barely able to keep up with the ” laws ” as they can change on a whim of the new directors or judges. There absolutely needs to be a protocol that will protect all the parties involved, especially the children who are suffering the most. As someone who travels to Haiti frequently and is trying to adopt a special needs child, it is infuriatingly frustrating to know that many people who are trying to do the right thing are being thwarted at every turn. Your idea to involve our congress to deny aid to Haiti if this process is not revamped is the most proactive one I have heard. While I do not wish to do anything to further destroy the Haitian people, their government needs to wake up and pay attention! They may be willing to “throw away” their children but the rest of the world is not!


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