Stinky and Poo Poo


As I’ve mentioned before, we name our farm animals.  It’s just part of how we do things, and it makes sense for us.

Cherie comes up with most of the names, and our goats all have “normal” names.  Except for two of our most recent kids.

For reasons known only to her, Nellie chose to have her kids in Rowan’s stall.  Rowan is a massive thoroughbred who generously deposits our future fertilizer onto the floor of his stall (even though he’s free to go outside whenever he likes).  On the day that Nellie kidded, I hadn’t cleaned out Rowan’s stall for a while.

So when we discover the two male kids, they were covered in Rowan poop.  Normally the mother would have cleaned them off, but under the circumstances, Nellie chose not to. 

Cherie took on the unpleasant task of depoopifying the babies, and one of Peyton’s friends who was visiting from Florida gave them the names that stuck:  Stinky and Poo Poo.

Love Wins