Food Safety

Last week the House unfortunately passed the so-called Food Safety Enhancement Act (HR 2749).  The vote was 283-142, largely along party lines.  (Democrats favored the bill by 229-20 and Republicans opposed it by 122-54).  So Govco unwinds another spool of red tape, at a cost of a few billion dollars.  Nevermind that we don’t actually have the money.  That is an inconvenient reality that Congress prefers to ignore.

This bill, while less vile than some of the others that were under consideration, is an unwarranted invasion of the liberty of farmers who produce cheese, baked goods, or any other food product that is considered “processed.”  The bill exempts “farms” per se, but captures such on-farm value-added activities.  Of course it also further extends the tentacles of big government.  And as I’ve argued many times, it won’t make industrial food any less toxic. 

Although the bill was opposed by such advocacy groups as the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, ultimately there was just too much clamor for “food safety.” 

Now it’s off to the Senate where it is sure to pass easily.  Then on to the White House where a rose garden signing ceremony is likely, along with solemn assurances that the government will now make peanut butter safe again.

The best way to assure the safety of the food you eat, is to know the person who produces it.

Love Wins