Haiti, continued.

I don’t have the time to write a fair description of what we observed in Haiti, and even if I had the time, I don’t have the ability.   I’ve got a lot of posts lined up from prior to our trip, so I’ll return soon to my usual drivel, dropping in some posts about Haiti from time to time.

For now, I’ll leave it at this.  The Haitian government is useless to its people, at best.  More often it is damaging to them.  It is corrupt, incompetent and unstable.  As such, it is directly complicit in the misery of the people of Haiti, and especially the suffering of Haitian children.

The vast majority of Haitians are not living in harmony with the environment.  They have deforested the country, and they have turned it into a vast dump of non-biodegradable trash.  In a country that should be among the most fertile on earth, people are starving.  Amid this environmental nightmare, it was a joy to meet Pastor Daniel Paul, and to visit the orphanage he has started in Ounaminthe.  He has studied agriculture, and understands the use of complementary crops, natural soil enrichment and efficient cropping.  He is saving the lives of children, and teaching them things that are vital to the future of Haiti.  Emily, a dedicated young missionary who is one of my new heroes, has helped create a website for the orphanage.  Check it out, and particularly her blog:  http://www.nehlm.com/NEHLM/Welcome.html   For anyone looking for a way to help Haitian children, I strongly endorse this orphanage.

Of all the lessons I learned in Haiti, the most powerful one was the dramatic confirmation of my belief that love wins.  I am simply unable to express how amazing the work of The Hope for Haiti Children’s Center is.  The stories of these children up to the day they came to the orphange are heartbreaking.  In our privileged culture it is incomprehensible that children could be treated this way.  The brave women who run the orphanage personify love.  They are risking their lives every single day to save and love these kids.  They have taken diseased, abused, abandoned kids, and transformed them into happy, loving, intelligent, beautiful children.  They are superheroes.  After meeting them and the amazing kids, I know I can never be the same person I was before.

Danita’s Children have come a long way in the last ten years.  Danita and her team have created an oasis of hope and love in a desert of despair and evil.  They struggle to provide for the needs of their kids, and must deal every day with the fact that there are desperately needy children right outside their walls who need help too.  Always pressing forward, Danita is committed to building a clinic to deliver decent health care there.  I visited the so-called hospital that Ouanaminthe has now.  It is mind-boggling that such a thing can exist in 2009. 

Please pray for the safety of these amazing women–Danita, Karris, Brenda, Joanne and Brittany, and for continued blessings on their work.  And please consider sponsoring children there.  I can absolutely affirm that they are raising up the future leaders of Haiti.  I can think of no better investment in the lives of children.  www.danitaschildren.org

Because of their example, I can say with even greater confidence than I ever had before…

Love Wins

2 comments on “Haiti, continued.

  1. WB says:

    Bill, you greatly underestimate your ability to move us with your description of what you have seen. Looking forward to reading more. Wanda


  2. Jim says:

    Amen! And it’s uncanny how similar my first blog back from Haiti is to yours and Cherie’s – and I hadn’t read them when I wrote mine.


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