Hope for Haiti

We arrived in Santiago, D.R. Thursday night.  We were supposed to cross over into Haiti yesterday.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

As frequently happens, violence erupted between Haitians and Dominicans yesterday and the border was closed.  UN troops came in to restore order and they surrounded the orphanage to which we are heading.  We got a phone call just before we were set to leave, from one of the missionaries (who was alone with the children).  She said we would not be able to get into Haiti and that we should stay another night in Santiago.  She also asked us to pray for protection and peace. 

Last night she called to say that the UN troops were leaving and that things had calmed down sufficiently that she expected the border to be open today.  We are leaving for Haiti in a few hours.

This newstory will give you some idea of the horrors of life for children where we are going.  http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/poverty/2009/7/17/32621/Dominican-authorities-bust-a-Haitian-children-trafficking-network

 I’ve become furiously angry (perhaps passionately indignant is a better way to put it) at how difficult it is to adopt Haitian children.  There are perhaps millions of Americans who would joyously adopt a Haitian child.  I know of five such couples personally.  But the process is filled with bureaucracy and corruption.  Last year only 301 Haitian children were adopted into the US.  Yet there are an estimated 300,000 Haitian children being held in slavery there.  And that number does not include those who wind up with the sad fate of those in the article above.  I’ll have a lot more to say about this later.

For those who read Spanish and or French, here are some articles describing the situation on the border yesterday.  http://www.hoy.com.do/el-pais/2009/7/24/286684/Muerte-de-joven-dominicano-causa-tension-en-Dajabon


Please keep the missionaries (Karris, Brenda and Danita), the orphans, and our team in your prayers.  And please pray for peace.

Love Wins