White Flint Farm is now out of the cattle business.  Our herd peaked at three heifers (shown above).  Today a friend came and picked up the last two.

We started with February, a runt twin whose mother rejected her.  Cherie bottle fed her until she was old enough to feed herself.

We added two more Angus heifers.  I intended to have them bred, to keep their female calves and put the steers in the freezer.   We raised them on grass, and they grew very fat and spoiled.  But I had no need for beef.  We have more pork and chicken than I can possibly eat (Cherie is a vegetarian).  With one deer I have all the red meat I need for a year.

Raising cattle is more difficult than raising goats.  It takes more pasture, and requires a lot of work to make and put up hay.  Cattle are actually very inefficient as a food source, something I may blog about later.

In any event, my days as a cattleman are over.

And I don’t mind that at all.

Love Wins