Jack versus the Possum


Jack is a bagel.  He’s half beagle, half bassett hound.  He is a great pet, but a lousy hunter.  We found him after he’d been abandoned by hunters who probably got tired of him getting lost, following the trail backwards, and who knows what other blunders.  We nursed him back to health, and now he’s content to stay around the house.  Most of the time.  At least a few times every year he takes off an epic hunt, usually lured by the sound of someone’s competent dogs, on the trail of a deer.  When that happens, we expect a call a few days later from someone who’s found Jack, miles from home and hopelessly lost.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Jack in the backyard recently, barking as if he had some wild animal cornered.  He often stands and barks at the horse, as if he’s never seen it before.  But when I looked out to see what he was doing, I was surprised to find him in battle with a possum.  


I didn’t know he had it in him.

Love Wins

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