Unintended consequences


If I didn’t put fences around our gardens the deer would eat everything we grow.  I’ve found that the mesh fences from Premier work great.  They’re easy to install and remove, and they can be electrified with a 9 volt battery.  The charge isn’t enough to seriously shock anything, but a curious deer who sniffs the fence will keep its distance in the future, and won’t jump over it even though it easily could.

Recently I put up the fence shown above.  A few days later I discovered something I couldn’t have imagined.

A big snapping turtle was tangled in the fence, and was dead.  She was caught trying to exit the garden.  My guess is that the turtle was either in the garden laying eggs when I installed the fence, or she crawled under it later.  When her fins got tangled in the net, she was unable to get away, and died eventually either from the current, or from exposure.

Even though I am not fond of snapping turtles, I was sorry to find her in that condition.  If she was capable of backing up, she could have easily escaped.

I’m sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.

Love Wins