It’s a very busy time of year, and likely it won’t be possible for me to keep blogging every day.  I’ve been creating a week of posts at a time, then posting them once a day during the week.  But it looks like I’m going to run out of time for that too.  So if you see a break, just check back from time to time. 

I set this blog up through Network Solutions (which hosts our website).  We really don’t need the website anymore, so I may shut it down at some point and migrate my blog over to Word Press (or somewhere else).  Or maybe I’ll come to my senses and stop blogging.

I keep doing it because I kinda enjoy it, and in the hope that someone might get something meaningful out of it.  Network Solutions gives me “site stats” that tell me how many folks viewed the blog, how long they stayed on, whether they accessed it from their “favorites” tab, if they found it by searching and if so for what term, and things like that.  It does not give me any information to enable me to know who visited the blog.

I’m getting about 350 regular visitors (down from over 600 last summer).  A high pecentage are coming over from their favorites tab.  There’s certainly no prospect of national syndication with numbers like that, but I do think it’s pretty cool that so many folks are visiting.

But since hardly anyone leaves comments, I really don’t know what draws y’all here. 

So, time permitting, I’ll keep posting the same sort of stuff I always have.   But maybe not everyday.

Have a great summer.

Love Wins