A tragedy

On April 3, Jiverly Wong, deranged and homicidal, drove to the Binghamton American Civic Association and parked his car against the rear door of the building, blocking the exit.  He got out of his car, taking with him two handguns, and walked around to the front entrance of the building.

As Wong came in through the front door, Shirley DeLucia, the receptionist, rose to greet him.  Wong shot her in the abdomen and she fell beneath her desk.

Upon hearing the gunshot and a scream, Shirley’s supervisor opened her desk drawer and took out her .357 magnum handgun.  Stepping out of her office into the hallway, the supervisor saw Wong standing in the doorway of a classroom, raising a gun.  The supervisor carefully gripped her gun with both hands, quickly raised it to shoulder level, centered Wong in her front sight, then yelled “Drop your gun!”  Wong turned suddenly toward her with his gun still raised.  The supervisor fired twice, hitting Wong in the neck and arm, and he fell backwards, dropping his gun.

Meanwhile Shirley DeLucia, badly injured, had dialed 911.  Eventually police and an ambulance arrived.  Shirley will make a full recovery.  Other than Wong, no one else was injured in the attack.

Sadly, that is not what happened in Binghamton on April 3.  Jiverly Wong did shoot Shirley DeLucia as he entered the American Civic Association.  She was badly injured, but she did manage to dial 911.  She has since made a full recovery.

But in the 43 minutes between the time Shirley dialed 911 and when the Binghamton police entered the building, Jiverly Wong shot 38 more people, before shooting himself.  He killed 13 of his victims.

No one fired back at Jiverly Wong.  It is likely that he was the only person in that building who had a gun.

And that is a tragedy.

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