It’s a good time of year.  The gardens are planted and growing. 

For the first time since we moved back, we didn’t increase the amount of vegetables we’re producing.  We already grow far more than we need,and weve given up on the Farmer’s Market.  So we’re holding at last year’s level.

But that’s still a lot of vegetables. In addition to everything I planted for us, we have 3,000 row feet of green beans, which I’m hoping to turn into a community service project.

I harvested our garlic last week and hung it to cure.  We’re growing blackbeans, onions, English peas, okra, cucumbers, squash, cantelopes, lima beans, tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers.  We’ll be planting blackeyed peas, cabbage and lots of greens later this year.  And of course we have a few green beans.

Flea beetles are eating the eggplant.  I’ve had too much soil erosion from all the rain we’ve been having.  It’s been too wet to prep some of the gardens.  But those are minor worries.

It’s all good.

Love Wins