Goose eggs

Until recently we only saw Canadian geese as they flew by on their way south or north.  They might rarely stop for a drink of water, but that was it.

But now that the winters are warmer, some prefer White Flint to Miami Beach, or wherever they used to go.

This year a couple of them decided not only to spend this winter at our pond, but they even liked it enough to try to start a family there.  Early in the spring we discovered a down nest on the water’s edge with four large goose eggs in it.  I’d never seen goose eggs before, and was amazed at how large they are.  And I was excited about seeing the little goose family swimming around on the pond.

I was a little puzzled that the geese didn’t protect the nest better.  When I approached it, they’d swim a few feet away and honk at me, but that was it.  I had some domestic geese when I was a kid, so I know how aggressive they can be.  These were typically White Flint mellow, however.

Near the time that I assumed they were due to hatch I took Cherie down to the pond, to show the eggs to her.  Sadly, what we discovered were just broken shells, probably the victims of a coon or a possum.  I wonder if the result might have been different had these geese been more aggressive.

Anyway, no goose babies on White Flint.  Maybe next year.

Love Wins.