Egyptian pigs

Seizing upon the opportunity presented by the hype over “swine flu,” the Egyptian government ordered the extermination of all 300,000 pigs in that country.  The pigs were owned by Coptic Christians.  Although 90% of Egyptians are Muslim, the remaining 10% are Christians, whose roots in Egypt go back over 2,000 years. 

Muslims do not eat pork, and generally consider pigs unhealthy.  It is illegal to own pigs in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the U.A.E.  Jordan has ordered that the few pig farms in existence there be shut down.  Half the pigs will be killed and the others relocated to government approved facilities.  The only pigs in Afghanistan and Iraq were in the zoos in Baghdad and Kabul.  But in the last few weeks those animals have been killed. 

None of these animals were a threat to spread “swine flu.”  There has not been a single reported case of swine flu in Egypt, and of course the disease is not transmitted from pigs to humans in any event. 

There is an object lesson in all this.  Taking advantage of a perceived emergency (in this case “swine flu”) a government can take acts ostensibly designed to address the crisis, but in fact designed to advance a pre-existing agenda (the Patriot Act and the Stimulus Bill come to mind).

In Egypt the “Muslim Brotherhood” has long been campaigning to eliminate pigs from “Islamic land.”  The “swine flu” scare gave Hosni Mubarak’s government the cover it needed to accomplish that.  Because the vast majority of Egyptians consider pigs disgusting, they weren’t about to oppose the move, which would only negatively affect a small minority of Egyptians, and a religious minority at that.

The manner in which the pigs in Egypt are being slaughtered is inhumane beyond description.  If you have the stomach for it, and are prepared to be outraged, follow this link and watch the video:

The U.S. government appropriates over $500 million from American taxpayers every year, to send to Egypt as “aid.”

Love Wins.