My Cherie Amour


Today’s post is about my best friend.

Over five years ago this remarkable woman left her beloved Tampa and relocated with her homesick husband to his rural southern Virginia homestead.  She left behind the beaches that she loves, and the constant near-perfect weather, exchanging them for cold winters and wet springs.  She traded a comfortable suburban lifestyle for a farm. 

Soon the city girl was delivering goat babies in the middle of the night, killing snakes in the henhouse,  and learning to freeze and store our produce.  She experienced fundamentalism first-hand, for the first time.  She learned to keep the wood stove going in the winter. 

She spent way too many days and nights alone.  She homeschooled her kids, without much help from her husband.

And, just as she predicted she would, she bloomed where she was planted.

Now this amazing woman is a seasoned farm girl, who has been instrumental in healing our land and creating an evironment that sustains over a hundred happy animals.  She turns the products of our farm into delicious healthy meals.  She ministers to women in the local jail.  She works for environmental and social justice.  The interfaith fellowship of women that she helped to form has blessed our community in countless ways.  She delivers natural healthy food free of charge to people who can’t afford to buy it.  She inspires everyone who meets her.

Almost everything of significance that I have learned over the past 20 years was taught to me by her.

Yay Cherie.  You are awesome.

Love Wins.