It is possible

Ok, so this post is going to sound preachy.  But why have a blog if you’re not going to get preachy on it sometimes? 

I admit to getting bugged when folks react to the things we agrarians and advocates of sustainable living preach, by insisting that we’re impractical, or by treating it all like some kind of ideal that is interesting to talk about, but impossible to live.

I used to be guilty of that way of thinking myself.  But thankfully I overcame it. 

It is possible to get out of debt.  It is possible to live within your means.  It is possible to think and act responsibly.  It is possible to give away much more than you think you can.  It is possible to change the world.  It is possible to produce most of your own food.  It is possible to educate your children at home.  It is possible to see through the matrix.  It is possible to connect with the divine.  It is possible to discover that human connections are not defined by political boundaries and borders.  It is possible to reject coercion and embrace liberty.  Is is possible to be free.

It is possible.

Much more, it is essential.


Love Wins


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