I read a lot of blogs, but I very rarely leave comments.  So I can understand why it seems that a lot of folks are reading this blog, but few are leaving comments.

Still, let me encourage y’all to chime in on these subjects.  Because I can’t tell who the readers are (all I get is the number of “unique visitors”), I don’t know whether most of y’all are coming for the stuff about sustainable ag, the political rants, the spiritual wanderings, farm life, or all of the above.  While to a large extent this is just a vanity, a way to blow of steam, and a hobby, I’d also like to help spread information among those who care about the things that motivate me to blog.

I’d especially like to hear from anyone with ideas for how to improve this blog (whether by comment or otherwise).  I’d like to make it easier to comment.  I’d like to enable folks to get the entries by email when I post them.  I’d like the site to be more visually attractive.  But it’s a minor miracle that I can manage this as it is, and I haven’t been able to figure out any of those things.

One neat feature that I did add when I restarted this are the calendars on the right.  Scrolling over the dates reveals the post title from that day, and clicking on it will call up the post.  You can pull up other months by clicking on the month under “archives.”

Back to the subject of comments, I’ve had some great ones lately, and I really do appreciate that.  I also get tons of spam comments (often with .ru suffixes) that I just delete.  And sometimes I get flames.  They too are deleted.  Critical comments are welcome.  But to the person who posted the comment, “Yawn,” for example, that just didn’t offer anything to the discussion, so I didn’t approve it.  Why go to the trouble of logging on just to post the word “yawn”?  A few sentences describing why the post was boring, or why the reader was sleepy, would be glady approved.

As I wrote in one of my first posts, I want this to be a place to get the point of view of an anarchoagrarianpaleoconservativechristianlibertarian.  But I do not want it to be a place to get offended, or angry.  I have a point of view, and an opinion on nearly everything.  But please take my opinions in the spirit of humility with which I offer them, and if anything I write rubs you the wrong way, just write it off to my ignorance.    In truth, I know nothing except the fact of my own ignorance.

Love Wins