Asparagus and strawberries

I love our farm, and even the most tedious tasks are joys.  But I have to confess that I’m getting tired of weeding asparagus and strawberries.

We grow our fruits and vegetables organically.  That means no herbicides.  Growing organically takes a lot of physical labor, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I spend many hours with a hoe weeding the gardens.  But keeping weeds out of the asparagus and strawberries is especially difficult.

With everything else, I begin the season by tilling.  This takes care of any weeds already germinated.  I till again just before planting, again wiping out the weeds.  Then after planting, I’m often able to get a cultivator through the rows.  Even with all that help, I spend a lot of time fighting weeds with a hoe and my bare hands.

But with the asparagus and strawberries I can never till or cultivate.  They are in permanent beds, so I can’t till without damaging or destroying them.  That means I have to spend hours and hours with a hoe, or crawling on my hands and knees pulling up weeds.  I’ve tried mulching, but the relief is only temporary and the process seems to bring the weeds in even stronger.

We’ll have lots of delicious araragus and strawberries soon.  And no trace of poison will have ever touched them. 

But I’d sure love to hear from any of y’all who have ideas for an easier way to keep the weeds down.

Love Wins