So what would I do about government spending?

Folks often say to me, “Hey Billsblog dude, I know you hate taxes and you oppose deficit spending, but how exactly would you cut spending?”  Well, maybe they don’t often ask me that, but some do sometimes.

I’ll deal with taxes a different day.  For now, let me take a stab at spending.

First of all, the government should spend no more than it collects.  To do that would require steep reductions in spending. And until it is retired, federal spending should include substantial repayments of the existing national debt. In order to do that, even greater cuts in existing spending would have to occur.  Finally, given that I believe the income tax should be abolished, and replaced with nothing, that obviously means we’ll have to very liberally prune the federal tree.

Just to balance the budget will require that the role of government be re-defined. To balance the budget and cut taxes too, will require that the redefinition be radical. The good news is that the “radical” new government will look a lot like the one our founders intended us to have, and that we did indeed have for most of our national existence.

So how to get there?

For starters we should dismantle our overseas empire, and adopt a foreign policy of nonintervention.  A noninterventionist foreign policy served America well for most of our national existence and we’ll be much better off when we return to it.   Our 750+ foreign military bases should be closed, and our hundreds of thousands of troops overseas should be brought home.  We should end all forms of foreign aid, and withdraw immediately from the United Nations and all other quasi-governmental international organizations.

The Department of Defense should be reoriented to its intended purpose: defense.  And that means defense of the USA, and only the USA.  Fifteen of the sixteen federal intelligence-gathering agencies should be abolished, and the remaining one should be limited to intelligence gathering regarding foreign threats. 

Secondly, we should dismantle the welfare state.  Nearly all federal departments and agencies should be abolished, including the Departments of Education, Commerce, Homeland Security, Energy, Labor, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Veteran’s Affairs and Agriculture.  All federal entitlement programs should be phased out.  The days should return when a man could live his entire life without having to deal with any employee of the federal government, other than his postal carrier.

Next, no federal spending of any kind should occur unless specifically within a constitutionally described function of the federal government.  All the lobbyists and social engineers should be put out of business immediately and permanently.

And that, my friends, would be a good start.

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