Daughters, mothers, wives, sisters.

There are 130,000 women in the U.S. military.   At any given time, 12% of them are pregnant.

15% of U.S. active duty personnel are women. 

14% of active duty women are single mothers.  Women can be deployed four months after giving birth.

One out of every seven U.S. military personnel in Iraq is a woman.

Over 190,000 American female soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Seventy two have been killed and over 450 have been wounded.

Thousands of women on active duty report being raped or sexually assaulted every year, and over 60% of rapes and sexual assaults are never reported.

There were 2,688 reports of sexual assaults on female military personnel by their male colleagues during 2007.  Only 8% of the accused were referred to courts martial.  By comparison, in the civilian world approximately 40% of reported sexual assaults lead to an arrest, and over 60% of those arrested for sexual assault are prosecuted.

41% of the female veterans treated at a veteran’s hospital in California report having been sexually assaulted while on duty.  29% report having been raped.


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