The Irresistible Revolution

Cherie has been raving about this book ever since reading it quite some time ago.  So I finally decided to read it recently.  Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.  It rocked my world.

I highly recommend this book.   But be forewarned, it will cause you to question how Christian faith is applied in everyday life. 

Here is a taste:

I have a confession I’m sure many of you will find refreshing and familiar:  I don’t really fit into the old liberal-conservative boxes, so it’s a good thing we are moving on to something new.  My activist friends call me conservative, and my religious friends call me liberal.  What I often get branded is “radical.”  I’ve never really minded that, for as my urban-farming friends remind me, the word radical itself means “root.”  It’s from the Latin word radix, which, just like a rad-ish, has to do with getting to the root of things.  But radical is not something reserved for saints and martyrs, which is why I like to complement it with ordinary.  Ordinary does not mean normal, and I lament the dreadful seduction which has resulted in Christians becoming so normal.  Thankfully, there is a movement of ordinary radicals sweeping the land, and ordinary people are choosing to live in radical new ways.  So this book is for ordinary radicals, not for saints who think they have a monopoly on radical and not for normal people who are satisfied with the way things are.

So I am a radical in the truest sense of the word: an ordinary radical who wants to get at the root of what it means to love, and to get at the root of what has made such a mess of our world.

Bravo to the ordinary radicals.  I want to be one too.

Love Wins