Shalom is a beautiful and versatile Hebrew word.  It means Peace.  But it is also used as a greeting, and as a way to say goodbye.

Billsblog is using it to mean “peace” and “goodbye.” 

It’s been fun, but I’ve decided to stop blogging–at least for a while.  While there are plenty of more things I’d planned to write about, I’m just going to hang it up instead.  I sincerely believe in the principles that have been touched upon here, and I advocate them because I genuinely believe that adherence to them would make the world a better place.  But the web doesn’t need yet another place to start arguments.   And I’ve become afraid that that’s where I was leading this site.

Do check out our News From White Flint page from time to time.  And remember that we always welcome visitors.

“Whoever would love life and see good days…must seek peace and pursue it.”  I’m still trying to figure out how to do that.   And I’ll keep on trying to figure it out, sans blog.

Hoping that y’all all see many good days….


Grace and Peace





Imagine if tomorrow morning, when all the fast food vendors in America opened for business, no one came in.  Imagine they sold no breakfast burritos, no sausage biscuits, nothing.  Then when they switched to the lunch menu, no one came in.  They sold no Big Mac’s, no Whoppers, no Chicken Nuggets, no Happy Meals, no super-sized french fries, no Cokes, no Pepsi’s, nothing.  And imagine this continued all day, day after day, until they began closing their stores.  No more golden arches, no more Burger Kings or Taco Bell or KFC.  They just closed down.  All their misleading advertising disappeared.   All the mountains of trash they produced just stopped being generated. 

No more would one out of every four Americans eat their so-called food on a daily basis.  No more would the most eaten vegetable in America be french fries.  No more would 60% of American children be obese.  No more would we live in a country in which one of every three children born is expected to develop diabetes.

Imagine that.

You may say that I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one.

Grace and Peace