Another voice for community freedom

Bob Kidwell is a farmer in Montgomery, Michigan.  He wrote a piece in the last issue of Farming magazine titled “Rethinking Rural Economic Development” that I liked so much that I decided to just share with y’all an extended quote from it:

What would it take to make this change in direction?  It’s not something the government will do.  Government is too tied up in knots trying to figure out which corporation to please next.  In fact, government needs to do less.

First, the federal and state governments need to eliminate all the unnecessary rules and regulations that restrict free enterprise at the local and farm level.  Regulations on milk sales, cheese production, meat processing and flour milling, to name just a few, are not necessary when the products are sold locally.  The only inspectors needed are the people buying the food.  If you can walk down the road and watch the cows being milked where you buy your milk, the government doesn’t need to enter the picture.  All these rules and regulations are intented for large-scale, centralized facilities that the public is not even allowed to enter.  Cynics might claim the regulations are written to discourage competition from small processors.  The semi-self-sufficient county shouldn’t have to work around laws that don’t deserve to exist in the first place.

Well said Mr. Kidwell.

Grace and Peace