Organic Fertilizer Happens

Acres USA magazine reports that the skyrocketing price of synthetic fertilizer (the cost is 3-4X greater than it was last year) is causing some conventional farmers to turn to organic fertilizer, which had previously been considered too “exotic and expensive.”  These farmers are discovering that not only does the organic fertilizer produce excellent yields, it also needs less water, and returns to the soil more nutrients than the crops extract.  And whether they realize it or not, they are no longer leeching toxic chemicals into the groundwater.

Necessity can be the mother of invention.  Of course, it is amusing that what these farmers are discovering, are practices their ancestors employed for thousands of years. 

At White Flint Farm we fertilize only with organic materials produced on the farm, principally chicken litter and compost we make ourselves.  Such practices are sustainable, and natural. 

The rising cost of chemical and industrial agricultural practices, together with consumers’ increasing preference for naturally and organically produced food, are causing industrial and conventional farmers to take a serious look at natural and organic practices.  Maybe that will be a silver lining to today’s black clouds.

Grace and Peace