So what is an anarchoagrarianwhatchamacallit anyway?

Good question.  To the best of my knowledge there is no such thing as anarchoagrarianpaleoconservativechristianlibertarianism.  I just made it up in an effort at humor.  But breaking it down to its constituent parts does reveal some things about the political philosophy of the person who made it up.

Anarcho.  Of course this derives from anarchism–which in the minds of most folks means basically chaos, and conjures up images of wild-eyed assassins and bomb-throwing radicals.  But actually intellectual anarchism (which comes in lots of variations) is based simply upon rejection of coercive heirarchies.  It doesn’t mean chaos, and it doesn’t involve terrorism and crime.  In this case it just means opposition to coercion.

Agrarian.  The opposite of industial.  Agrarians believe that there is virtue associated with cultivation of the soil, respect for nature, and self-reliance.  They strive for self-sufficency and independence.

Paleoconservative.  This term was coined to distinguish traditional conservatives from the so-called neoconservatives who rule the Republican party these days.  Paleoconservatives believe in small, decentralized government, have an aversion to public debt, and favor a noninterventionist foreign policy.

Christian.   Christians are followers of Christ, and are therefore devoted to peace, freedom and justice.

Libertarian.  Libertarians advocate minimal government and maximum individual freedom. 


Obviously the common theme here is freedom and liberty.  So I suppose it would be fair to say that anyone who identifies himself as an archoagrarianpaleoconservativechristianlibertarian cares a lot about true freedom.

Grace and Peace.