Let’s Get Busy


This is our busy season.  It will last till November.

We’re doing customer deliveries two days a week and farmers’ market on Saturdays.  That’s three days of picking, cleaning and bagging, plus the time at the market.  In the time that’s left over we actually have to tend the farm.

But we love being a source of high-quality food for our community.  We’ve been selling out at the market and we’re picking up more loyal customers every week.

I still grumble about the fact that only a tiny percentage of our community is on board with the local food movement.  But that little seed is sprouting, and that is encouraging.

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17 comments on “Let’s Get Busy

  1. shoreacres says:

    You know what surprises me in your photo? You have everything bagged. I can’t remember seeing anyone with their produce in bags in our markets. Everyone is quite content to bring their own bags, or to have their selections added to recycled plastic bags from the stores. Some items, like tomatoes, are displayed in a bucket, and when you purchase, you’re given a bucketful. Mixed greens often are displayed in a big igloo cooler, with the bags to be used next to them. Because the size of the bag is standard, the seller knows how much can be stuffed into one, but if someone like me wants only a half-bag, the price can be adjusted.

    • Bill says:

      We don’t like using bags, but we do use them for the baby greens that are too small to be bunched. I’ve never seen anyone here sell them out of a cooler. It would save us a lot of work, but I’m not sure folks here would want so many hands on the lettuce.

      • Tongs. I’ve seen the cooler method at markets here for baby greens as well, though pre-bagged is more common. I think the vendor does the bagging in the situations I’ve seen the cooler display. And weighs it. And they definitely use tongs.

  2. Steve says:

    Half dozen eggs with a $10 purchase? One week only! Marketing, comrade! Here’s your pitch: “Eggs so fresh you’ll want to slap the chickens!” Saw that on a roadway sign in the Adirondacks and never forgot it.

    • Bill says:

      I think I’ve figured out why the eggs aren’t selling like they used to. It used to be that only a few vendors at the market had eggs. Now it seems that just about all of them do. Some are selling theirs for $2 a dozen, which is beyond ridiculous. Chickens are just so popular now that lots of people have them, which is a good thing (unless you’re in the egg business). Someone told me that they now sell chicken feed in the grocery store.

      Eggs are selling steady for us now. Some people are willing to pay extra to get eggs from hens who haven’t been fed GMOs. They’re not quickly selling out like they used to, but fortunately for us most of our produce is.

    • You can’t use that slogan. It was Trademarked by the people in the Adirondacks

  3. bobraxton says:

    sort of like a writer spending so much time on book tours (could have been writing)

  4. Bill, I’m glad to see that things are picking up for you. All that work during the Spring weeks is finally starting to generate some income. I know that’s not the only reason why you do what you do but it’s still nice to see some income and not all out go. I ate my first radish a couple days ago and the lettuce is ready for the first salad soon. The potatoes continue to grow and the second layer will be planted soon. We just had another mid 30 degree night last night. That’s the two in a row with another on the way for tonight so the tomatoes and bell peppers I have planted are not growing but just setting there waiting for the weather to truly warm up. The forecast was for frost is the low lying areas. We are supposed to be past the last frost date but this year is just a crazy year. It’s even more bipolar than last year was. I think we are making Ma nature mad with all this Climate Change talk. I can just hear her saying, “You want to see climate change. I’ll show you climate change.” It will be interesting to see what the garden year will bring.

    Have a great market growing/educating day.

    • bobraxton says:

      rad. I love radish(es).

    • Bill says:

      Crazy weather. We were at or above our record high a couple of days ago. Then yesterday it rained over 3 inches (some places around here got a lot more than that). Tonight we’ll be near our record low. Just nuts.
      But the cool weather today was a nice relief from the blistering hot weather of earlier in the week.

  5. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Bill, one day–maybe in the winter when there’s not as much to do on the farm (is that true that winter brings a little more time in the house?)–maybe then at that distant time, you will collect your postings, edit them into an arc, and try to get them published. They tell the story of one family living green and bringing us all back to our roots. Thank you. Peace.

    • Bill says:

      Yes winter is a good time to rest and slow down. It’s also a good time for writing. I don’t think my blog posts would make much of a book, but I do hope to take on another writing project this winter.

      • Dee Ready says:

        Dear Bill, I hope you’ll share with your readers what the writing project is and then let us know periodically how it’s coming along. Peace.

  6. EllaDee says:

    We were away so I missed our markets on the weekend. Your photo made me miss them more. Eating this week will be hit and miss. I’m craving fresh green stuff… proper fresh green stuff. I shall go hunting in the local greengrocers this afternoon.

    • Bill says:

      Our gardens are cranking out so much goodness right now that it’s hard to keep up with it. We’ve been eating very well. I hope you found lots of good stuff to carry you till next market day. :)

  7. Farmgirl says:

    I looked around my messy house and my stained fingers and realized we have entered the busy season! Good bye winter! Good luck this season!

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